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Free yourself from glasses and lenses – priceless… and doable, even with severe visual impairments. In just a few minutes, you can restore your eyes to power. No pain, no long convalescence and, most importantly, in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic – completely safe.

A revolution in ophthalmology

Would you like to see more? You are no exception. According to the World Health Organization, more than 2,2 billion people worldwide have visual impairments, and their number is constantly growing. For many of them, glasses are not the optimal solution – they slide off the nose, steam up, make it difficult to play sports or simply take away self-confidence. Fortunately, science comes to our aid by proposing laser vision correction, hailed as “a revolution in ophthalmology” 30 years ago.

You don’t have to worry about pain or exclusion from everyday life – usually the next day after laser vision correction surgery it is possible to return to work and normal activities.

Manontany tena ianao is laser vision correction safe? Absolutely – laser vision correction procedures are associated with a low risk of complications and are considered one of the safer surgical methods of correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Would you like to know if you can improve your eyesight? In Optegra ophthalmic clinics, which have been dealing with laser vision correction for over 20 years, you can find out in a few minutes without leaving your home whether vision correction is for you. All you need to do is visit the website Qualification-laserowa-korekcja-wzroku/ and complete a short questionnaire.

The result of the preliminary qualification is not a diagnosis – a qualifying visit to the clinic is crucial and includes 24 specialist examinations using modern ophthalmic equipment. On the one hand, it allows to exclude contraindications to the implementation fanitsiana ny fahitana tamin'ny laserand on the other hand, to offer the patient the safest and most effective type of treatment that will meet his expectations to the highest degree. After the qualifying visit, you can immediately sign up for the laser vision correction procedure.

Don’t put off your dreams

Are you determined to change your life and stop looking at the world through the glass of glasses and lenses, but due to the ongoing pandemic, do you have concerns about the safety of medical facilities? It’s normal, each of us is afraid, but as the stories of Optegra patients show – there is no reason to do so.

Today, everyone is concerned about their health, especially if we are in contact with other people. Fortunately, I felt safe during my visit to the clinic. There were, among others, available on site. disinfectants and masks. I witnessed the disinfection of offices and test equipment. That is why, after consultation, I decided to undergo laser vision correction without fear – says Artur Filipowicz, a patient at the Optegra Clinic in Warsaw.

For Optegra, which belongs to an international network of modern ophthalmic clinics, operating facilities in nine largest Polish cities, the safety of patients and staff is a priority.

In the interests of the health and safety of patients and staff, we have introduced a stricter sanitary regime and additional protective measures. At the outset, our consultants conduct a short epidemiological interview by phone, on the basis of which they qualify patients to visit our facilities. The appointment is scheduled for an exact hour in order to minimize contact between patients and to keep the required distance of two meters. Patients are asked to come to the clinic without accompanying persons, except when the care of another person is necessary – says Beata Sapiełkin, head nurse at Optegra Polska and director of the clinic in Warsaw. – If at home patients experience disturbing symptoms, such as fever 38 ° C and higher, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, lack of taste and smell, and in the last 14 days they had contact with a sick or suspected person with COVID- 19, are asked to cancel the visit by phone. Patients come to the clinic wearing masks that carefully cover the nose and mouth. Initially, their body temperature is measured and they are asked to disinfect their hands. In the event of an increased body temperature, the visit is postponed to another date, and the patient is asked to monitor his health and, if necessary, contact a general practitioner …

At the reception desk, patients fill in a questionnaire that enables the assessment of the COVID-19 risk level and determines the visit to the doctor. Each patient receives a disinfected pen to complete the questionnaire and other documents.

All Optegra employees use personal protective equipment, disposable gowns, surgical masks, gloves, visors or protective goggles. Furniture and other elements, such as armchairs, door handles, handrails, countertops, water dispensers and toilets, are regularly disinfected.

The operating theater is equipped with an air conditioning system that includes HEPA filters and allows the removal of fungal cells, bacteria and many viruses from the air.

The time intervals between treatments have been extended to create ideal working conditions for the staff and provide time for a peaceful rest after the treatment for the patient. Surgical patients stay in a separate recovery room, two meters away. All treatments are performed under a strict sanitary and epidemiological regime. Patients enter the operating theater wearing a special gown, cap, new surgical mask, leg guards, and wash and disinfect their hands under the supervision of a nurse. The body temperature measurement is performed again. Preparation for the procedure takes place in accordance with the applicable medical and sanitary procedures.

After each visit, the medical devices are thoroughly disinfected. All activities are performed in accordance with sanitary procedures. Our slit lamps are protected with a special plastic cover, so that a safe protective barrier is maintained for both the patient and the doctor.

We also do not forget about a positive attitude to work, so that our patients do not feel fear caused by the world pandemic, and their stay in our clinics was always associated with a pleasant and cordial atmosphere – explains Beata Sapiełkin, head nurse at Optegra Polska and director of the clinic at In Warsaw.

As you can see, even in the era of a pandemic, you don’t have to put off your dreams until later. This is a great time to slow down the pace of life and reflect on what is really important in life: family, friendship, our health. It is also a chance to shape the future anew – so do not wait and perform online pre-qualification for laser vision correction surgery today. After all, the eyes are our most important sense – thanks to them we know what the world looks like and we are able to appreciate it.

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